Shake-Up Shaker-Style Cabinets

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Article by: Selma P.

Shaker-style cabinets are very popular right now, and with that sleek, clean look, you probably think you need sleek, clean hardware to complete the look.

Hardware Resources has introduced some new collections of stylish cabinet hardware to compliment those shakers for every kitchen style…and we have them at Exclusive Remodeling!


Jeffrey Alexander Collection at Exclusive Remodeling

At first sight, I was skeptical…”disco gold” came to mind, but after seeing how they look against not just white/grey, but bold cabinet colors…I was “hooked”.


Photo: Hardware Resources

Now I’m thinking something along the lines of high-fashion like…Versace! Something’s gotta go with that articulate dinnerware…hmmm.

b k marshall design

Photo: K Marshall Design

b martha stewart

Photo: Martha Stewart

Shaker-style cabinets are for the modern-minded, but just look out how they “pop” with brushed gold or satin bronze hardware, for a unique, personalized feel.

b emily henderson 2

Photo: Emily Henderson

b emily henderson

Photo: Emily Henderson

Back to the “bold and beautiful”….I personally love how this golden-comeback hardware is especially striking with deep blue, maroon/espresso, chocolate brown, or even black colored cabinets.

JEFFREY ALEXANDER is available at Hardware Resources

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