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Photo: Exclusive Remodeling


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Article By: Selma P.           Photos: Exclusive Remodeling 

Matte Black is THE Modern-Industrial Hardware Finish

Matte black. We see it in automobile paint finishes, wheels, furniture, jewelry, and even makeup!

But, kitchen/bath, household hardware?

When I think of matte black, I think of cruise ships, warehouses, barn buildings, and lofts.

Stainless steel has been the latest “modern-industrial” feel-look, but matte black is quickly taking over the spotlight.

We are even seeing it more as the “gothic” look that clients are seeking for staircases.

Why matte black? This design is considered an “edgy” choice because the elements seem to be exposed.

Used widely in lofty spaces with big windows and doors, this choice is now decorating even the smallest of spaces to really pop out any decor…including barn door hardware on pantry doors.


Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

The Drama Queen

Matte black is a stylish and daring finish and because there’s no shortage of drama with industrial modern design, this hardware is a natural fit to tie the entire space together.

It pairs beautifully with the lighting styles and architectural details often found in industrial modern homes”. ~Schlage

This Conroe-Lake house kitchen remodeled by Exclusive Remodeling is a perfect example of that perfect touch that was needed to tie in the outdoors with the in:


Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

What Inspired MATTE BLACK Hardware?


Photo: ica associates inc.


We all see buildings like these popping up everywhere! Gone are brick and mortar facades, and in with industrialized materials and lots of glass!

With exteriors like these, as we think of the future in building…it’s simple, elegant, classy, radiant, bold, defiant, and all the words we can think of that recently exude the personalities in us all.

If YOU are in that mood for contrasts, then matte black is your finish.

With the demand of it rising in design, you can now coordinate your hardware perfectly with everything from your kitchen to the bathroom.

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Available at: Exclusive Remodeling