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Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

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Article by: Selma P.                                                                 Photos: Exclusive Remodeling

A Design Consultant has visited your home to take a close look at your project, you’ve been given an estimate, everything sounds great…now what?

Material Selection

It is important to figure out your style before diving into your project investment.

After seeing your existing space for so many years with the same color scheme, decor, furniture, it can be difficult to pinpoint what style to choose next…do you go with trend?

What you want? What your family wants? What your friends suggest? Decisions, decisions!

They say a good time to remodel any space is about every 10 years or so, a lot can change in 10 years! Not just trends, but also your taste in decor/style.

It also seems like every year, new styles in flooring, cabinetry, paint, and hardware come out, making it even more overwhelming to choose.


Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

Inspirational Photos

Thank goodness for Pinterest, Houzz, and Google Images right! For those photos that “speak” to you and make you say, “Yes! That’s exactly what I had pictured in my mind!”

At Exclusive Remodeling, we love working with inspirational photos and knowing that in the end, you and your family got just what you had hoped for, such as an inspired ship-lap wall…

inspiration photo

Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

Showroom Choices

Once you’ve made it into our showroom or our referred vendors’ Houston area locations, we like to suggest your very own “vision board” photo to take home and recapture any choices you may have made to envision it in your space before making any final decisions.

In one image you can pull together the floor tile, cabinet color, shower floor/wall tiles, mosaic accents, counter-top choices all the way to the details including hardware.

material selection 2

Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

Have you figured out your style? We can help!

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Photo: Exclusive Remodeling