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Article by: Selma P.

It’s Halloween! Suddenly tomorrow we’ll be buying turkey, putting up the tree, making New Year’s plans…and then it hits you…it’s 2019!

This Thanksgiving is a great time to evaluate your kitchen and begin the planning phase for next year’s renovations.

Let’s dive into some remodeling trends for 2019 according to Forbes.

Millennial DIYers


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Nearly a quarter of the U.S. population made home improvements in the last year and only 7% of them worked with a professional. “DIYers spend more than 60 hours per week on TV and digital devices, including computers and smartphones,” Peter Katsingris, senior vice president of insights at Nielsen, told conference attendees. “The technology and the choices it provides make DIY a realistic option for people.” (A quick search of YouTube shows 252,000 results for home improvement DIY videos). ~Source: Jamie Gold

At Exclusive Remodeling, we are getting more homeowners coming in with their own DIY kitchen plans and countertop measurements that they’ve researched online.

Over-Inspiration Regret


Photo: Pinterest

More than a third of homeowners who completed a home improvement project in the past year regret not spending more on the project, according to The Regret Factor Study. “Regretters are more likely to have used a wide range of inspirational sources, especially television, magazines and social media,” observed declared Brenda Bryan of RICKI, the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence. That’s worth considering when planning a remodeling project at the right investment level for your property. ~Source: Jamie Gold

FOMO, the fear of missing out. Yes, social media envy is out there even when it comes to your remodeling projects, so the “fear of missing out” will likely be apparent.

Not regretting the outcome means remodeling to what’s right for YOU and your investment level, not what’s right for society.

In 2019, do not regret not having done this or that because you were over-inspired.

Rental Housing Market on the Rise


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A wave of growth since 2004 has increased the number and share of rental households in the U.S., especially higher-end rentals in urban areas. ~Source: Jamie Gold

Have you seen the traffic in Houston lately? Have you seen all the license plates from California and Florida in Houston lately? Have you seen the number of job applicants in Houston lately? 

People are moving and they are moving from swanky places and looking for a place to call “home” for the time being. They will be observing their (home improvement) surroundings. 

Remodeling Not Slowing Down


The steady increase in remodeling activity will continue through 2021, HIRI experts predict. (With home prices increasing, new construction harder to find in some areas of the country, and homeowners aging in place, people are staying put and remodeling.) “With the existing house stock averaging 38 years old, much of the inventory is in need of updating,” noted Mark Boud, senior vice president and chief economist at Hanley Wood/Metrostudy~Source: Jamie Gold

This should help in easing your decision between remodeling or building new when it comes to plans for the new year. 

To most, remodeling seems a “headache”, but think of the bond you’ll have with your family, partner, significant others by conjuring up and creating a new living space together! 

Lighting Industry Leading the Way


Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

“Circadian rhythm lighting is a hot topic,” declared Jie Zhao, Ph.D., senior vice president of research and development at wellness real estate and technology firm Delos. (This new technology, also called human centric or tunable lighting, produces indoor illumination that more closely matches natural light in its warmth and, paired with home automation, shifts through the day with the sun to ease the impact of artificial light on the human body.) “It’s  changing the landscape of the smart home and lighting in general,” added Zhao. ~Source: Jamie Gold

I find myself designing not just kitchen and bathrooms, but now more than ever “lighting placement” plans. Clients are getting serious about their lighting options.

It’s no longer just under-the-cabinet lighting and dimmers. The possibilities are endless!

We only have 24 hours in a day and after asking yourself how many of those hours are in your living space…you want the mood to be just right for relaxation, reading, studying/working, etc. and tomorrow’s lighting industry has got you covered.

Read more at Forbes

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Article by: Selma P.

Shaker-style cabinets are very popular right now, and with that sleek, clean look, you probably think you need sleek, clean hardware to complete the look.

Hardware Resources has introduced some new collections of stylish cabinet hardware to compliment those shakers for every kitchen style…and we have them at Exclusive Remodeling!


Jeffrey Alexander Collection at Exclusive Remodeling

At first sight, I was skeptical…”disco gold” came to mind, but after seeing how they look against not just white/grey, but bold cabinet colors…I was “hooked”.


Photo: Hardware Resources

Now I’m thinking something along the lines of high-fashion like…Versace! Something’s gotta go with that articulate dinnerware…hmmm.

b k marshall design

Photo: K Marshall Design

b martha stewart

Photo: Martha Stewart

Shaker-style cabinets are for the modern-minded, but just look out how they “pop” with brushed gold or satin bronze hardware, for a unique, personalized feel.

b emily henderson 2

Photo: Emily Henderson

b emily henderson

Photo: Emily Henderson

Back to the “bold and beautiful”….I personally love how this golden-comeback hardware is especially striking with deep blue, maroon/espresso, chocolate brown, or even black colored cabinets.

JEFFREY ALEXANDER is available at Hardware Resources

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Exclusive Remodeling is located in close proximity to Lake Conroe, Texas, and our Team enjoys working on projects out at the lake!

We’ve conjured up some great ideas for your lake house retreat:

Bunk Beds


Photo: Pinterest

Do you have a 3 or 4 bedroom house and it’s STILL not enough for your weekend guests (all the kids!)

Converting just one of those bedrooms into a bunk-bed-wall/s can sleep up to 8+, not to mention the fun going to sleep while telling stories in the dark…perfect for lake weekend getaway memories.

We love this idea that gives the feel of sleeping on a ship cabin.

Farmhouse Sink


Photo: Pinterest

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are all the rage…and for a lake house, sure you need that extra sink space for those big family gatherings (and extra dishes).

Perfect for that cabin feel and country look that goes with your surroundings.

Lakeside Decor


Photo: Pinterest

How cute is this! Don’t just map out your lake…hang it on the wall.

Most of us have childhood memories of some kind of lake and we take special sentiment as we grow older which is why people choose to buy lakeside property.

We love this decor idea that can be passed on generations to come.

Outdoor Living

Lake houses tend to have huge back patios and porches either next to or not far from the lake.

Screening a porch that is living-room size can be ideal for adding a nice stone fireplace and beautiful outdoor furniture.

Make use of that huge space and enjoy living outdoors (feel the wind)!

Starry Nights


Photo: Pinterest

A fun family project out on the lake is a cool fire pit! Spruce it up as you like to enjoy smores, hot dogs, and of course THE STARS!

We love these DIY fire pit ideas on Pinterest.

If you don’t have a lake house, don’t let that stop you from taking these ideas for your home, for that country-weekend feel.

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Article by: Selma P.                                                                 Photos: Exclusive Remodeling

A Design Consultant has visited your home to take a close look at your project, you’ve been given an estimate, everything sounds great…now what?

Material Selection

It is important to figure out your style before diving into your project investment.

After seeing your existing space for so many years with the same color scheme, decor, furniture, it can be difficult to pinpoint what style to choose next…do you go with trend?

What you want? What your family wants? What your friends suggest? Decisions, decisions!

They say a good time to remodel any space is about every 10 years or so, a lot can change in 10 years! Not just trends, but also your taste in decor/style.

It also seems like every year, new styles in flooring, cabinetry, paint, and hardware come out, making it even more overwhelming to choose.


Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

Inspirational Photos

Thank goodness for Pinterest, Houzz, and Google Images right! For those photos that “speak” to you and make you say, “Yes! That’s exactly what I had pictured in my mind!”

At Exclusive Remodeling, we love working with inspirational photos and knowing that in the end, you and your family got just what you had hoped for, such as an inspired ship-lap wall…

inspiration photo

Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

Showroom Choices

Once you’ve made it into our showroom or our referred vendors’ Houston area locations, we like to suggest your very own “vision board” photo to take home and recapture any choices you may have made to envision it in your space before making any final decisions.

In one image you can pull together the floor tile, cabinet color, shower floor/wall tiles, mosaic accents, counter-top choices all the way to the details including hardware.

material selection 2

Photo: Exclusive Remodeling

Have you figured out your style? We can help!

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